Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Time

Hi all.. finally tot of setting a small blog for my beloved wifey Mrs Privpho for those that might miss the previous pics.. Well.. something about ourselves to start with.. we started to take some photos in the year of 2001.. haiz.. that is about 7 yrs from then to now.. guess there will be some changes to the figure as well..

To start of with.. these are the first pics that we have took.. enjoy ya..

Playing a fool with hubby's shirt..

Well.. I think not much figure could be shown from this big shirt..
I guess not much of a cleavage as well.. hehe..

did u all see a hint of a nipple here?

hmm.. i think the nipple is much more visible here rite..

How about a much closer look??


Anonymous said...

Anymore pictures?

hun2ter said...

wow she is so sexy !!

Not to be rude ..
wondering would she be taking outdoor pictures or pictures with other men would be good. i meant purely on taking sexy pictures but with sex type

Privpho said...

To hun2ter,

yes.. we do have outdoor pics and also some threesomes pics but that will come much later as i intend to put it up by series based on our time when we took it.. stay tuned for more..

relevent married guy said...

So sexy! I love these pictures. Your blog is really inspriring me to perhaps create a blog of photos of my sext little wife. I think she and I may to talk about this idea...... Thanks for sharing! I love your blog. I think that I may be hooked! ;)

CHII Power said...

very sexy.
my mind wanders into the realm of fantasy; bringing my heart to a deep thunderous beat.

acid said...

3some pics? as in 2f1m or 2m1f if it is the latter how your hubby come to term with it?

BA BOCAGE said...

If you come over (Porto-POrtugal) call me... I love to eat your nice