Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bathrobe continuation

First of all, a thousands apologies for missing for so long, just started a new job and need to take care of quite a few personal things. Please find the continuation of the bathrobe series. To those bros or sis who have saw this series before, please bear with me for a moment. The new series will be up after the old series have been posted. A thousands apologies once again. In the meantime, PCC to your heart content.

Do you like the 2 nipples standing up in excitment?

Shall i pull off my g-string?

Haha.. a crotchless panties.. for easy penetration..

A closer look at my pussy.. can u see that my clit is swollen?

hmm.. i think i will juz bring it down a little bit.. starting of a striptease of g-string.. hehe..

Anyone wish to help me pull it off??

so sad.. i got to take it off myself.. :(

A lady pose..

Hehe.. a flasher out in public..

I'm waiting for the waiter to arrive with our food.. they took too loong..

the last pose for the series.. next series will be up within this week.. pls hang on to your dick for the moment..


Randy said...

She's so beautiful! I hope that you will enter her in my contests (see

Kevin Lomax said...

You turned me on baby!

Dom Tom said...

I like the crotchless panties, very cute. Nice series overall, sexy.

Privpho said...

Thank you fir the nice comments. Hope the
rest of the series will continue to keep u
turn on.

Realiti said...

She is amazing and I love the panties!! Great post!

dark snow said...

nice pics

Privpho said...

Thanks for the comments. We will keep up
with the good job.

~Fun~ said...

Hi Mrs Privpho..

Nice cleanly shaven.. just like what i like and what i do as well :P

Interested ? :P

Have Fun