Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beautfort - Shorts series

Finally.. some pics for me to post.. a thousand apologies for the long long delay.. thousands of things to blame for but not me or hubby.. hehee.. quite late now so i juz post a quick one without comments.. it will be up to ur imagination of the comments... and also my hubby juz install the google talk on my phone.. so feel free to add me and if i'm free i will chat a bit yeah..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beaufort Hotel – Sex Session


Hi.. after some licking and sucking to the dick now is the time for some fun for pussy.. And I luv to be in control..

Shaved pussy with a tool stretching it..

Picture 200

all the way.. yeah..

Picture 201

no no no.. dun take it out..

Picture 202

push it push it in..

Picture 203

I only rem screaming in ecstasy..

Picture 204

Being in control is fun..

Picture 205

rocking it..

Picture 206

now time for him to rock..

Picture 209

the cream of my loved on my breasts..

Picture 210

The pussy after the attack..

Picture 212

A closer look.. i’m still leaking..

Picture 213

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hot and wet blowjob by Mrs Privpho.. I'm back with the posting as promised with my new year resolution.. These series are taken roughly about 5 yrs ago at Beautfort Hotel.. Having a wild and wet time over there and Mrs Privpho is giving a full good service to the rod..

I'm going to suck the head till it explode....

Do you guys like the feeling of the hot wet tongue swirling around the head while the mouth is clamp shut..

The feeling of the nipples brushing thru the tights feel shiok too..

of coz.. i can't forget to lick the underside too..

Hot wet tongue on the rod..

Blow blow blow..

Some pumping to get the juice into my mouth..

Stay tuned for more of Beautfort Hotel Series..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

black Bra

Happy 2010 everyone!!

Finally found time to post up the remaining of the black spider lingerie set! Our new year resolution is to take more pics and post more often. Hopefully we are able to bang more.. happy banging everyone..

Pussy shot! I just love G-strings..

Time to strip off the top.. Anyone care to help out??

Haiz.. so sad.. no one is helping.. i'm not going to strip le..

New year with boobies..

Anyone wish to lick and suck my nipples?

Or maybe do doggie one me?

Stripping off to receive some rod.. anyone wan to spare their rod for some hot and wet pussy?

Anyone interested pls drop me an email ya..