Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beaufort Hotel – Sex Session


Hi.. after some licking and sucking to the dick now is the time for some fun for pussy.. And I luv to be in control..

Shaved pussy with a tool stretching it..

Picture 200

all the way.. yeah..

Picture 201

no no no.. dun take it out..

Picture 202

push it push it in..

Picture 203

I only rem screaming in ecstasy..

Picture 204

Being in control is fun..

Picture 205

rocking it..

Picture 206

now time for him to rock..

Picture 209

the cream of my loved on my breasts..

Picture 210

The pussy after the attack..

Picture 212

A closer look.. i’m still leaking..

Picture 213


Anonymous said...

Hi privpho,
These new pics rocks!!!...
My little bro keep trying to get out of my pants. :)

~Fun~ said...

Hi Privpho.. both of u and ur hb wanna try with a cleanly shaven tool ? :P

Anonymous said...

what are the dots on and inside ur pussy? Look dirty leh!!!

dark snow said...

nice one

T (H) (B) said...

I love the comment in between. So funny!

Ivy and Haley said...

I'm impressed with the shots you managed to get with your camera. Nice to see that you are expressing your exhibitionism. I'm an exhibitionist too, and it might be the chief reason I became a stripper...

but GOODNESS, those photos!!

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sky said...

Wow... finger-licking delicious.. I want to lick your lovely cunt till you squirt :)