Saturday, January 2, 2010

black Bra

Happy 2010 everyone!!

Finally found time to post up the remaining of the black spider lingerie set! Our new year resolution is to take more pics and post more often. Hopefully we are able to bang more.. happy banging everyone..

Pussy shot! I just love G-strings..

Time to strip off the top.. Anyone care to help out??

Haiz.. so sad.. no one is helping.. i'm not going to strip le..

New year with boobies..

Anyone wish to lick and suck my nipples?

Or maybe do doggie one me?

Stripping off to receive some rod.. anyone wan to spare their rod for some hot and wet pussy?

Anyone interested pls drop me an email ya..


relevent married guy said...

Outstanding set of pictures!!!! Thank you! And.....Happy 2010 to you both! Would love to 'help out' sometime. ;)
And please do post more pictures! These are just wonderfully sexy beautiful!

il magnifico said...

love your photos...check out my blog -

would love to make "art" from your photos

Anonymous said...

Mr&Mrs Privpho,
Those are definately nice pics. I dont think anyone would mind sparing some rod for the wet pussy, including me. :)


Wes Is Legend said...

lookin sexy

~Fun~ said...

Hi Mr/Mrs Privpho..
Do you need some help in taking photos when you two in action ? :P


Curly's Girls said...

I am enjoying your blog. I would love it if you could send me a sexy pic of you for my blog. I would be sure to include a link to your blog in the post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

great to see you back in action again, fabulous body as ever!
i'd love to savor that wet pussy!