Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gallery Hotel Part 2

Heyya... at 1234am SG time.. I'm still awake and hence here come the postings... To answer most of people here.. YES I had threesomes couple of times and NO I'm not sharing those pics yet.... soooo plsss hand on your dick and masturbate to your wildest fantasies k...

Oh ya.. I'm starting a contest for those who take a pic of their dick with my pics together.. I wan to see who is really my best fan here and best pics will win something.. something that i'm not telling now... Contest start as of now.. hmm till when i say stop??


Lightning Speed said...

Mrs Privpho is simply beautiful! Looking forward to more photos of you guys in action. :)

sexentric said...

Kia ora,
Another fantastic set of stylish and erotic pics, that will have a few reaching for their cameras ad their dicks. Come to think of it, I like to do the odd tribute pic myself ;-)
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

can you be sexier than this couple? heh..

jc said...

I can't wait to grind your pussy hard..