Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~~~~~ANA Hotel~~~~~

Hi hi,

here some of my adventures at ANA hotel... too bad it have closed down long ago as it is really quite a memorable place to stay... luv the serene surroundings and also the nice view... especially the swimming pool area is good...

As for the last contest, sorry I was really caught up in my work as I need to work overtime almost everyday and through the weekends too.... haiz... too bad I can't retire now if not I'm sure I will be making use of every minute to pamper myself to spa, facial, exercise, holidays and of course pics for my fans here..

Just a really fast and short recap of what I have done over the last 2 months.. WORK & WORK & WORK... luckily managed to check in to Fort Canning Hotel which is super lovely and super relax place.. got a good massage and sex with 2 handsome dicks... the pics of course will come in due time AFTER that  lazy bum did the editing...

So did anyone of you misses me??? I saw some of the emails from you guys but was really too tired to reply but dun worry.. I will try to reply once I have finished my projects and will get on with this blog!! Oh ya.. please let me know if there is any issues with this blog and I will attend to it "ASAP" hehe...

With the Ipad2 now out.. anyone got Ipad 1 for cheap cheap sale???

which view is nicer? the foreground or the background??

 Does it change your decision when i drop one strap??

 How about showing some legs??

 I'm not sure whether i'm horny from the shoot or from the air-con.. probably a combination of both.. 

I know my breasts are not big.. trying my best to show some cleavage.. 

 I like this shot myself... sort of peek and boo... 

 some artistic shots... said my hubby... i think is his excuse for poor skills..

 Isn't both the foreground and background fantastic??

That's all for now... I shall continue it hopefully tomorrow?? Just a hope k... truly deeply sorry that I'm not able to blog everyday.... please do not punish me ya...